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We want to thank you for your patience as it has been taking longer than usual to make threads. An avalanche of problems is getting cleared away now and shipping times should improve soon. Our only goal is to continue to provide gorgeous, quality, fun and fabulous fibers to you for your projects, arts, and businesses.

Top tips for stitching with metallics:

1. Use a needle with a larger eye; this helps the thread move through the fabric more easily (meaning fewer tangles, less static, and smoother stitching).

2.Use shorter lengths: no longer than 18 inches.

3. Let the needle dangle every few stitches to relax the thread.

For more tips visit the How-To: Metallic Thread section.

Which thread size for needlepoint?

All of them, depending on the stitch!

Tapestry #12 Braid in tent stitch gives full coverage on 18-count canvas, but some prefer the thinner Fine #8 Braid especially on painted canvas. You can couch any Kreinik thread for surface embellishment and use any thread for specialty stitches.

Visit our Freebies section to download free projects:

  • Knitting and crochet
  • Cross stitch, embroidery, needlepoint
  • Quilting and sewing
  • Christmas, Halloween and other themes

Kreelex Fly

World-renown fly tyer and fisherman Chuck Kraft created one of the most popular, most effective lures ever for fly fishing: the Kreelex fly, which is 100% Kreinik. The flash and motion captures fish in all kinds of waters, all kinds of conditions. Try it yourself and get hooked.

Click here to get the instructions for the original Kreelex.


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